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Visualize yourself back in the roaring 20's. A decade of economic growth and prosperity. A time where there was rapid growth in automobiles and electricity. A time where Trolleys were at their height of popularity. Similar to today, it was full of exuberant, freewheeling popular culture. Bring that excitement and vintage style to your next special event with one of our Trolleys.

Each Trolley has ornate features and creates an individual theme and feel. Comfortable seating and a social setting on each vehicle make Buffalo Trolleys an excellent Limousine alternative. Our vehicles can accommodate between 22-32 passengers and are large bodied with bench seating. With 360 degree windows, they are also great for sightseeing through Erie and Niagara County.

Contact us to reserve your date. Our professional staff will assist you in choosing the perfect Trolley for your occasion as well as fully customizing your itinerary to suit your needs.

Sir Lancelot

The Sir Lancelot (White) trolley is known for its noble looks. The classic white exterior color is timeless for wedding and VIP transportation, and it's dark hard wood interior and beautiful twisted brass accents on the interior, creates a warm, rich, and relaxing experience. The Sir Lancelot Trolley can seat 32 passengers. With perimeter guest seating towards the front of the vehicle, and a few rows of forward facing seating in the rear, this open-concept layout helps to make a fun and socially inclusive ambiance. The Sir Lancelot Trolley even features a small cooler - perfect for storing any food or beverage you bring with you. Equipped with both a CD player and a place for you to plug in an aux cable, you can bring along your choice of music to keep the party going as you make your way from stop to stop. The Sir Lancelot Trolley does feature a jump seat up front next to the driver, the perfect vantage point for a photographer looking to capture the precious moments with your closest friends and family.

Black Beauty

For being the smallest trolley in our fleet with seating for just 22 passengers, the Black Beauty Trolley comes with big attitude! It's regal exterior stands out as it travels around the area- it's look of formal importance provides an air of sophistication surrounding your event, With forward facing seating throughout the vehicle, this Trolley's floor plan is also great for sightseeing! Equipped with a CD player and AUX input for you to plug in your AUX cable, you can play your favorite music as you travel from stop to stop. Bring a cooler with your favorite food and drink!

Miss Daisy

The Miss Daisy (Pink) Trolley can seat up to 32 passengers! It's fushia-pink color is perfect for that signature bachelorette party color scheme. Featuring forward facing seating throughout the vehicle, the Miss Daisy Trolley is perfect for Wedding Shuttles, Sightseeing, Wine Tours, and more! As the most traditional vintage trolley in our fleet, be sure to bring along your own wireless bluetooth speaker and cooler of food and beverages to compliment your experience!

Prince Charming

The Prince Charming (Red) Trolley is the only vehicle in our fleet with a balcony! The rear balcony is incredibly popular for photo opportunities, and its railings are ideal for hanging your custom signage. The Prince Charming can seat up to 32 passengers. With a few rows of forward facing seating towards the front of the vehicle, and perimeter seating in the rear parlor area, you have that perfect blend of a social but intimate atmosphere. This trolley is truly a vintage Prince - be sure to bring along your own wireless Bluetooth speaker to pair with your device for your favorite music, and bring along a cooler with your favorite food and beverages.

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