Niagara Falls
Evening Illumination

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Niagara Falls Evening Illumination

Every night, after the sun goes down, the Niagara Falls transforms from its majestic self to a much more playful dance of lights and illuminations! Some days, the falls might even be accompanied by fireworks! It doesn’t matter if your favorite falls is the American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls or Horseshoe Falls, all three will be light up in colorful lights making it unlike anything you have experienced in the daytime!

Most tours finish as the sun goes down but your trip to Niagara Falls with us is just picking up its second wind when the world goes dark. Look over at the falls again and you will find the fall bathed in the glow of colorful lights and maybe even fireworks! Enjoy a completely different view of the falls and enjoy the nightlife at Niagara!